The AGM is an opportunity for you to bring together the enrolled families in your program to present future plans, distribute important program information, answer questions, and encourage family involvement for the year to come.

Best Practices

  • Schedule the AGM towards the end of summer when families are focused on back-to-school, and the weather is still nice. This is important because if you have a high turnout, but have a small building, you can set up outdoors
  • The meeting should be no longer than 90 minutes
  • Host it on a weekday evening
  • Provide childcare for those who may need it
  • Create an agenda, and post it prior to the AGM
  • Invite teachers to attend
  • Ask a few parents to help you plan and organize the AGM
  • Provide refreshments
  • Include a raffle as an incentive to participate
  • Do a lot of marketing for the AGM
  • Don’t cancel it, even if only a few parents sign up

Steps to Success

  • Select a date towards the end of Summer, on a Monday – Thursday evening
  • Post a ‘Save The Date’ notice at least 6 weeks prior to the meeting
  • Ask two or three parents to help you with the planning and organizing, and provide them with tasks, as per your To Do List
  • Create your Planning To Do List, which should include:
    • Create invitations (flyers, postcards, emails, etc)
    • Gather addresses and email address from families
    • Create your agenda, which could include:
      • A look back at the successes of the previous year
      • An overview of the plans for the coming year
      • A review of important program policies and procedures
      • Important dates for the upcoming year
      • Opportunities for family involvement
      • Question & Answer time
    • Decide on refreshments, and order/ purchase them in a timely manner
    • Create sign-up sheets for families that need childcare
    • Send out invitations
    • Rent adult-sized chairs, if necessary
    • Schedule teachers for childcare, as per sign-up sheets
    • Purchase raffle prize
  • Post the agenda
  • Post reminders in the last few days leading up to the meeting
  • Keep track of RSVPs

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