Workplace Mental Health Leadership Workshop

  • In conjunction with Queen’s University and Morneau Shepell, we invite you to participate in a virtual one-day professional development opportunity
  • Purpose:
    • to help Directors facilitate the quality of mental health in their CPE.
    • to help us understand, navigate, and become pro-active in managing the quality of menta-health within the workplace.
    • to promote team spirit and collaboration
    • to reinforce the value of teamwork, peer support and professionalism
  • Learn how to:
    • prevent, provide performance coaching, identify solutions, support, and help one recover when suffering from a mental health problem.
    • constructively and without judgement approach each situation.
    • identify workplace factors that may be contributing to the problem.
    • set our own boundaries and remain healthy.
    • differentiate between empathy and sympathy.
    • address judgemental staff members, respond to concerns, address negativity, reinforce policy and set expectations.
    • manage a team when one member is down.

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