Annual General Meeting 2019

Wednesday June 19th 2019
9:00-9:45 AGM


    1. Approval of Previous Minutes – June 15th, 2018
      Luisa asked the floor if they would like the minutes to be read out loud. All were in agreement to not read out loud. Lorrie passes, Paula seconds all approve.
    2. President’s Report
      Luisa expressed how the year went as President, very smoothly and the Board worked hard together and everyone gave their opinions and we worked collaboratively to make it a great year. Luisa is honored to fulfill this role as President and is pleased to continue. This year was a great year for professional development…
    3. Notice to Reader 2018-19 presented by Stephen Moneit
      Explained the structure of the finances and then presented the past financial year. Funds were spent majority on professional development and the goal was not to make money but to use it for the needs of the association. For example: CLASS training, annual retreat. We are financially healthy. Given that we have a healthy surplus, the goal is to invest back into the development and support of our members.
    4. Naming of auditor for 2019-2020
      Paula Lamarre nominates Stephen Moneit to be named auditor for the new financial year.
    5. Election – 4 openings (Athena, Hallie, Anita +1)
      Natalie motions, Alia seconds for all members to be re-elected.
    6. Adjournment

To submit your name for a position on the Board of Directors, please contact Luisa Iglio or 514-631-6884


  1. MF educational program+ rapport d’activite
  2. CLASS: Grandir en qualité document + Cpe Jacqueline report+ update
  3. QAPPD Membership criteria discussion (facilitated by Athena)


The QAPPD is committed to providing support, professional development and resources to its members through opportunities that guarantee the integrity of the association’s dedication to helping childcare professionals achieve their highest potential.

We envision a community of childcare professionals that is empowered to achieve excellence in delivering quality service

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