Minutes 2018

JUNE 15TH, 2018

Held at the Sheraton Hotel with 26 members in attendance.

Approval of minutes from the previous meeting May 26th, 2017. Luisa proposed to waive the need to read it out loud as everyone received a copy by email to review ahead of time. Proposed by Alia, seconded by Sonia, all in favour.

By-law ratification of article #35 was presented by Athena as follows;

The auditor will be chosen every three (3) years to prepare a “Notice to reader” of the finances. This will be presented at the Annual General Meeting.
If for any reason, the firm chosen to audit the books of the Corporation ceases its functions before the end of its mandate, the directors can fill the vacancy by naming a replacement firm which assume the functions of the previous firm until the end of the mandate
the regular bookkeeping is done by an external person/firm monthly.

Approved by Danna and Anne.

Presidents report, Lorrie; see attached.

Notice to Reader report was approved by the board and presented by Stephen to all members. Professional development is recorded with more details, easier to understand. The accounting system worked well giving the board up to date information to look over during board meetings. Healthy financial situation was reported. We continue to spend money but also keeping a cushion for other projects and to sustain the viability of the association. No questions from the members present.

Elections; 4 positions were open…Luisa, Randy and Tanya submitted their names and were elected. One position remains and will be filled if a member submits their name at a later date.

A special presentation honoring Lorrie as a long-standing president was conducted with gifts and tributes.

Meeting adjourned at 10:00am

Minutes prepared by Luisa, secretary.

The QAPPD is committed to providing support, professional development and resources to its members through opportunities that guarantee the integrity of the association’s dedication to helping childcare professionals achieve their highest potential.

We envision a community of childcare professionals that is empowered to achieve excellence in delivering quality service/p>

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