Minutes 2019

November 6th, 2019

9:00-12:00 Monthly Meeting

  • Comment ca va
  • Thank you to Hallie for sharing documents.
  • Professional Development
    • Wevas: feedback was positive, Barbara was great, and she had updated the way we speak to children relevant to today.
    • Measles: CISS believe that an epidemic is coming. To help our Center’s be protected against an outbreak we can request to know with a written form to know if our staff and parents if their children have been vaccinated.
    • QAPPD members requested for CLASS training in French for Educators: it has been organized for February 20th, 2020
  • Upcoming events
    Annual Conference: Two-day conference – two identical days with four full day workshops February 6 & 7th. Registrations will be going out in November and there will be an incentive for early registration.
  • MF News
    • MFA lead in the water to be tested: it is up to us to do it and it will be reimbursed if lead is found in the water. If it not contaminated with lead it will be partially reimbursed. Montreal has a website that gives information on areas of that may be at high risk. Andrea has done her test using a test kit and she created a short report. She will send the information on where we can purchase it.
    • Companies are sending emails to CPE to offer services. Then the report is to be added to the plan de continuity binder and no deadline was set.
    • Water pipes can be old that are connected to our pipes.
    • Staff salaries – MFA sent a communique through Clic Secur informing us that 0.16$ will be given for Educational staff that will be deposited in our accounts and that will need to be paid out by March 2020. Hallie has asked Stephen to come back with details on who is eligible to receive the payout.
    • Educational Program – Remit to MFA by June 2020 updated Educational program
    • 4 Year olds – November 5th : The Law passed that 4 year olds start preschool, majority will be in milieu defavorise however it is not mandatory.
    • Parent contribution above daily rate at daycare will be abolished. Adjustments will no longer be made on their income tax.
    • Holiday Lunch will be at Chateau Vaudreuil
    • Cancellation policy will be created for memberships and workshops
  • Financial Report:
    60 members strong, we are financially healthy, and bulk of revenue is from memberships, GIC investment is accumulating interest.
  • Varia:
    • Anna – Parent case-divorce: is concerned with parent who has limited custody and is now asking for child’s file with lawyer’s letters etc, parent is showing signs of verbal aggression. Anna has contacted lawyer and members shared that the no tolerance should be used in this type of a case. The question was also discussed regarding who is allowed to have access to child’s file, visitation, pick up, etc. Members shared experiences and overall response was that the best thing to do is to consult with a lawyer.
    • Hallie will ask Aeron Michovka to share information on this type of situation during afternoon workshop on January 15 2020.
    • Birthday celebrations – share your Birthday (date – year) if you would like us to celebrate your birthday by sending out a card or little something. Sheet was sent out for members to write their name and Birthdate.
    • Lorrie-Carpet rentals – ALSCO, Capital carpets was referred for carpets.
    • Lorrie-sub educators: staff on the floor the day of the observation- what do you do if you have a staff member who is a replacement. Servi plus will interview the staff member who is working with the children as long as they have worked or know the children for at least 10 days.
    • Shannon – Nice MFA inspection (Isabelle Lestourneau) had a great experience and was very positive experience with great encouraging words.
    • Anita – Morneau Shapelle overtime calculations any hours above a regular schedule of i.e. 30 hours and then she worked an additional 5 hours then you add under heures supplementaires.
    • Additional question: when an employee leaves the field does he/she receive the contribution from Morneau Shapelle and government? Some information was that the payout will be only from Morneau Shapelle not the government portion.
    • Maria – Premature fundraiser Tiny miracle funds day for pj’s and pancakes fundraiser. Maria will send out information for support.

    12:00 -1:00 Luncheon

    1:00-3:00 Workshop: Hallie Moyse

    Summary of the changes to the MF
    Revised Educational Program:
    what the educators need to know;
    what needs to be included in your own
    educational program document.

October 4th, 2019

9:00-12:00 Monthly Meeting

  • Comment ca va
    Morning greetings of all the members. Sharing of current things happening. Some requests to the group: Jeany is looking for administrative assistant; Sonia is desperately looking for an integration aid; Lorrie attended Maddie’s Board of Directors workshop and it was great. The information shared was on point and gave complete information for her new Board members.
  • Professional Development
    November 6th meeting – Educational program (Hallie presentation) pm workshop for Directors
    December meeting – Chateau Vaudreuil meeting and luncheon
  • WEVAS – maximum has been reached 50 participates for 2-day workshop
  • CLASS for educators in French workshop will be organized by Casiope for QAPPD. Dates to be determined. Goal is to prepare educators for when Servi plus comes to observe the centers.
  • Conference details
    The annual conference will be a two-day workshop, each day will be identical with the same workshops. There will not be a plenary speaker rather there will be an opportunity for a morning meet and greet with a type of Free play environment for educators.
    The workshops brochure will be sent out in November. There will be 4 full day workshops each day. The purpose is to get an in-depth workshop of the topic.
  • MF News
    Educational program – how we are going about reviewing the changes with staff.
    Round table discussions.
  • Varia
    • CPE Building inspections: How do we keep up with our CPE’s infrastructure: members usually hire structural engineers or companies that do full evaluations and reports that give details of repairs. i.e. one company that is very thorough is Barteck.
      Servi Plus- came in for observation of CPE Mere Framboise. Overall good experience, observers were in the classrooms and they asked a lot of questions about how they communicate with parents, looked at the parent board, environment, integrate families into the environment, articles, resources for educators. They send a link with a survey for the parents of the 3-year-old children. They follow up for the feedback of how the observers went. They also then meet with each educator for an hour. They were there from 9am to 2pm.
    • Diaper changing tables:
      Nancy was looking for a small sized solution. The traditional diaper changing tables are very big. The solutions are not very flexible as there are rules i.e. must be near the sink, stairs, etc.
    • NAEYC:
      in Nashville this year. Daisy is going with 2 educators and she shared that the educators have an incredible experience. The exhibitors, workshops and things they learn are great.
    • Green initiatives:
      Danna is looking at different ways of going green by automatic water taps. CPE Durable is an organization that supports CPE’s in applying sustainability initiatives.
    • Switching classrooms:
      How to centers do it, do most members have a policy? Some members mentioned that in their policies they say that its at the discretion of the Director.
    • Amigeste and Brightwheel are two applications that some centers are using to communicate with parents daily.
    • Emails: VERY IMPORTANT to check your QAPPD email members group. Some members still have addresses of past members. PLEASE check and update to remove old members which is also respectful to our current members. Messages are sent out that are confidential to current members only.

12:00 -1:00 Luncheon

1:00-3:00 Workshop

  • Emilie-Charlotte St.Louis tel : 364-2572 ext. 22271 & Rachel Latreille tel: 364-2572 ext. 22225, clinical nurses (0-25years old) (clinical nurse CIUSSS)
  • CLSC – Services to CPE’s available in LaSalle, Lachine, Dorval and surrounding areas. All other areas we can call them for information. The services they provide to the CPE’s in their area – information about any infections or problems childhood illnesses they can speak or prepare information letters that can be given to parents.
  • Help with communication with parents who at times are in denial or acceptance of the infection their child has.
  • Small workshops can be organized for the educators.
  • Parents of the CPE’s are given a letter explaining that the CPE is investigating the exposure to measles. The letter gives authorization for the nurses to verify their vaccination records and if they or their child has immunity to measles.
  • Immunity: to be immunized from measles it is only possible when a person was born before 1970 or received the vaccines against measles on first birthday.
  • In the case of an outbreak in your center. Sante publique will come in.
  • If a person is not immune to measles the person has to be out of the daycare for 14 days.
  • It is legal to ask if the person is vaccinated, it is also legal for the person to refuse to inform you.
  • If you are not comfortable with the doctor’s note a parent has brought in and the doctor has allowed for child to come in then Directors can call santé publique to inform and confirm that it is ok.
  • Flu shot can be redone every year.
  • We can look at updating our sick policies
  • Look into your local CIUSS to see if they can offer any information or trainings. Right now there are no other areas that offer the services they do.
  • Babies and teenagers are more likely to get an illness that is contagious by mouth because babies put things in their mouth and teens kiss. i.e. meningitis B vaccines are available the pharmacy and it must be handles with absolute care. High fever 40-41 and pain is associated with this vaccine.
  • Meningitis A and C are given already on the regular Quebec schedule (babies to school age).
  • It is good to know if you are immune to meningitis. You can ask these nurses can find out for you.

Respectfully submitted by: Athena Xenos, Secretary

September 13th, 2019

9:00-11:00 MONTHLY NOTES

1) Welcome
Luisa started our meeting by welcoming everyone back after the summer break. We went around the table so that each member introduced themselves. We also welcomed some new members. A membership list went around making sure contact information was correct. Luisa did once again mention the importance of RSVPing because again, many members showed up but had not responded to say they were attending. Luisa mentioned that the she sent out the Code of Conduct and advised that we all read it. We discussed what the QAPPD was all about. We mentioned that we are here to offer professional development, help support the directors in both their business needs as well as their individual needs. We made sure to mention that documents that are shared at the QAPPD are not circulated and stay within the members.

2) Calendar of Events
*We discussed our 2019-2020 calendar of events. Although most dates our full, we do have some blanks and will fill them up when we hear what members are needing or asking for in terms of professional development or peer support.
*We mentioned that meetings that are usually held on Fridays may now be on different days of the week to accommodate holidays (mainly the Jewish holidays).
*We mentioned that some meetings will be held in the morning and some in the afternoon.
*2020 will be the QAPPD’s 35th Anniversary, so we definitely will be planning something special for that year.


QAPPD members were asking for WEVAS training again so Barbara Keiser will be coming in October to give intensive training on WEVAS. Some members who follow the program at their Center’s have seen major improvements with children’s behavior. The registration form was sent out to all members and Luisa discussed how the training will take place; with a day for leadership training, followed by 2 day training for educators.

Directors are able to join the 2 day training if they attend the Leadership training on October 23rd.

Professional Development Training for NON members
At the last AGM we discussed if we wanted to allow non members of the QAPPD to attend professional development. We all agreed that they can join PD but will not participate in our monthly meetings. Some members asked if we can do some promoting to get more non members to join professional development, everyone thought that was a good idea.
The educational program also came up and we discussed whether or not to have a workshop on it since most centers will have to change their current Educational Program to match the new one from the Ministere. We as a Board will look into setting that up.

At our last board meeting we talked about Conference and how we wanted to change things up a little. We felt like Thursdays Leadership day for the directors wasn’t as popular as we would like. We threw out some ideas and came up with the idea that we would to do whole day conferences instead. When discussed during our QAPPD meetings, we got great positive feedback from the directors and everyone thought that we should go ahead with that idea. CLASS will definitely be one topic of choice, we will also see if we can add a French training for CLASS since it was brought up by some directors that it would a good idea and that they would send many educators if it was an option. As a Board we will finalize the rest of the topics for Conference at our next Board meeting.

Survey Plus
Karen mentioned that she was contacted by Survey Plus to say that they were coming to observe. She explained the process of what that will entail. Some other members shared their experiences with the observations that were done at their centers.
A lot of directors have already started introducing CLASS to their staff to start preparing for what’s to come.

Topics of discussion were Pre-Ks and 4s in schools and daycare.
Luisa discussed her renovations and how lighting was an issue at her center and will have to look into that and change things to conform to the standards. Other members also discussed this issue and said they had to change their lighting as well because it wasn’t regulation.
CNESST training was discussed and Hallie and others reminded everyone that we need to be sending 2 staff members for that training each year.
Fire Drill and Emergency protocols were discussed and mentioned that the educators should always have their First Aid bag and attendance with them, even when they are out in the playground.
Ideas for Pinnies – peek-a boom
Ideas for cot sheets – Goldtex in LaSalle
Dana is looking for an architect, Jeany said her architect was really good, his name is Julien Valade.

Meeting wrapped up and we proceeded to lunch.

Respectfully submitted by: Tanya Kusiewicz, Administrator

May 10th, 2019

9:00-10:30 MONTHLY NOTES

1) MF News
Members went over some inspector experiences and a reminder that the MF has updated the Educational Program and trainings are offered by the MF. Sign up is online via email.

2) Professional Development

  • CLASS – training was successful and good feedback from the members. QAPPD is asking how everyone will bring their staff up to date on CLASS. Grandir en qualite doc that is also very important, QAPPD has an English translation. Also available by the Minister of Education 0-8 years.
  • Jaqueline was inspected according to CLASS and shared her experience and will send her notes for QAPPD members.
  • One part was the interview with the staff. They call to ask how many groups of 3-5-year old and then they send an email with details with of the day they will come.
  • 2 1/2 hours observation, interview with checklists, stayed in the classroom the whole time.

Focus on one group and then a 45 min interview. Types of questions that were asked: What tools do you use to evaluate the children; programming resources used; is it paid or your personal time; how do you plan according to interests; how do you set up your program; working relationship between educators; goals are for the daycare; objectives of the daycare; afterwards a lot of focus was on how the CPE has the parents involvement, parent evaluation; do you get involved in their personal lives; how the parents discipline their child; do you invite them to be part of the child’s life. DG interview for 45 minutes, how do you run the daycare, pedagogy, what do you use for resources, then complete survey. Parent communication with parents. A survey was given to give to the parents and then it gets sent directly to MFA.
They give a cover letter to all the parents along with the survey.

  • 4 dimensions: Interactions with the children and personal, interact with the parents, structure, planning practices
  • Request for a survey on programming time allotted to staff. Josie will send out a survey.

QAPPD members are asking for WEVAS training again. Barbara Keiser will come in October to give intensive training on WEVAS. Some members who follow the program at their Center’s have seen major improvements with children’s behavior.

2019/2020 Professional Development Training
Class, updated Educational Program, Educator observation tools, Grandir en qualite, policy on educational success, la passerelle on mfa website.
Peer support: evaluation tools for educators, pension planning, time management.

2) News from the Board
QAPPD members criteria-to be discussed at June meeting
membership renewal

4) Treasurer Report

10:30-12:00 PEER SUPPORT
Members discussion.

Respectfully submitted by: Athena Xenos, Secretary

December 11th, 2019

9:00-12:00 Monthly Meeting
Luisa welcomed everyone to magical meeting at Chateau Vaudreuil.

January workshop
Aeron will be coming to answer HR related questions date confirmed for Wednesday January 15th
Please send questions to any member on the BOD so that we can forward to him. Parent related issues can also be asked.

Annual Conference – February 2020
Brochure is up on website and was sent out with new venue, new structure, early bird registration cost.

Retreat – Getaway for QAPPD members
Daytime and overnight retreat with building, networking activities.

MF News
December 4th project: Jeunesse Explorateurs’ young students who are interested in ECE do a 1 day visit in a daycare center. The program is being organized by Ministère de la Famille.
Parents fees are going up to $8.40 as of January 2020. Relevé 30- Revenu QC states we do not have to produce them.
Educator’s 0.16c increase – payment is for the current fiscal year. We will most probably receive more information in 2020 from MF.
Lead testing – city is also doing testing and there is currently no deadline. A lead test is available online at Amazon. You can test the main entry and furthest tap from the main entry. The MF guide gives all the details on how to go about the lead testing.
MF has begun to send final financial reports
Educational Program: Board is in the process of putting together a usb key with Educational Program updated Meeting Children’s needs English documents.
Majority members with the show of hands would like to have the documents in English.

CLASS evaluation
Anne Metcalf who is not in permit renewal had her CLASS evaluation and she had a great experience. They offered English evaluators and from 9-12 all went super and follow up was great. They were very professional and pleasant. Asked the educators about their planning, observing, training, parent-educator meetings.
Evaluated transitions, evaluated classroom set up, materials, activities, conflict resolution interactions. Asked Anne about the training of staff, parent relations questionnaire, survey was going to be sent for the parents. Reports take long to receive.

Educator qualifications
Bachelors Child Studies need to take an additional 3 courses to be qualified unless they graduated before 2002. You can verify with auditor however it is up to the applicant to justify their qualifications with the ECE diploma.
Transcripts must be included with diploma in their file.

Question was asked: what centers are doing in regard to fever. Follow MF rules and apply and integrate it to your policy and inform your parents if the child is not well enough to participate and are best to be picked up.

Mesure exceptionelle
Dana received the subsidy and used her contact from the CLSC to support her application and she was very detailed in her report and needs of the child. The child was not diagnosed, and the parents were not 100% on board.

Stella also applied and received the grant with a diagnosis.

Meeting adjourned 11:30
Holiday gift exchange and lunch!
Respectfully submitted by: Athena Xenos, secretary

12:30 -1:00 Luncheon

$20.00 Gift exchange activity
Something pink or white (optional)

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