Minutes 2020-2021

Quarantine Zoom Meetings

March – August 2020

Weekly Zoom meetings were held to support the QAPPD members during quarantine. Discussions were related to the challenges we were all facing during the pandemic and managing through them.

9:00-11:00 Monthly Meeting

  1. Welcome new Director of Matrox and round table introductions.
  2. Conference feedback:Twin days and the full day conference


    • Educators feedback was great they enjoyed loved Alex Rothstein and Class training was good however some feedback was that it was basic. The venue was much more accessible, the set up was nice, parking was great and full day conference gave the opportunity to learn the topic more in depth and offers a more meaningful experience.
    • Lunch room was a bit tight for the number of attendees, moving forward adjustments to the size of rooms.
    • Payment system and deadline dates will remain the same.
    • Forms to be given earlier so that Directors can have a chance to prepare payments to meet the early bird date registration.
    • Offer a French workshop during conference to allow for all educators to feel part of the annual workshop.
    • Hallie’s workshop was very well appreciated, Educators felt that they understood the updates of the Educational program and CLASS.
    • Vermont workshop was great as well.
    • Everything was very well done.
    • Light bulb came on for many educators for one Center after going to the Educational Program presented by Hallie.
    • There seems to be need to continue to train on Class. There was disappointment in the content on the CLASS training at the past conference as they would like a more in depth modules.
    • Looking forward offering continued training on applying quality educational program and CLASS – refresher for educators.
    • Topics from surveys for future Annual Conference February 4 & 5th 2021:

      Conflict resolution, Anxiety in children, time management, communicating with millennials, raising children today is not the same as the past, Mental health, learning process for our families, educators.

    • Overall discussion:Many members shared their perspective on what challenges our families and staff are facing today. From dealing with personal challenges and managing work – family – life balance. As well as the support everyone needs through life. Today’s educators and responsibilities did not change from the past however it has just become regulated and placed in the government laws. Educators today may have difficulty with carrying out their work as they can be overwhelmed by the current demands and their capabilities to keep the level of energy and motivation needed to continue to do well.
    • Members feedback:
      • Peer support a success – if topics can be shared in advance to allow for members to share information.
      • Combination of Wednesday or Friday regular meetings works for all.
      • Regular format of monthly agenda is ok for all.
      • Move monthly meetings to Plaza Volaire-Crown Plaza
      • Morning light breakfast at meetings would be nice.
      • 2-3 educator workshops as well as annual conference per year. Topics are based on the need of the demand. i.e. kick off the beginning of the year with all the updates that need to be applied by Educators.
    • Upcoming events (annual retreat)
    • QAPPD policies
    • MF News: Hallie attended meeting with Stephen at the MF on the budget rules for Auditors and Chartered accountants.February and March heading towards year end things to do:
      • February 7th – closure enter it on clic sequr
      • Water lead kit: give information to get kit from Operation plomb.
      • Releve 24 or 30 for parents – give the releve 24 to your parents if they want it.
      • If you are using Gestionnaire change the daily rate fee to $8.45
      • Handicap files have to be up to date – professional report and Integration report which have to be redone annually for each child.
      • 0.16 cent salary increase is to be paid out to every employee (not salaried employees i.e. DG or Assistant DG’s) for every hour calculated in their work year for this fiscal year. Payments are to be paid out up until end of April.
      • Send MF Annexe II for closed days
      • Summer employment work project: federal government has work programs that they cover a portion of student salaries aged between 15-35.

      i.e. students, special needs, integration aid, assistant.

      Find out more

    • Treasurer report:Annual conference was very successful and we will be looking at ways to reinvest in the professional development for Executive Director’s
    • Varia
      • Shifts and seniority- NDT have a new rule that date of hire cannot be a determining factor for any functioning of operations. Shifts are not owned by any staff member. Needs of the Center always are the priority. Majority of Centers work on rotating shifts and other Centers determine where staff will work and which group.
      • CLASS inspections: not terrible, however the inspectors vary from long interviews to short and they are there to help you improve.
      • Pandemic – Coronavirus: There is a 14-day voluntary quarantine that can be required of all families coming from China.
      • Some CPE’s are requiring a Dr.’s notes that confirm that the person is not infected. All should apply the same requirements.
      • We will have to stock up on supplies and get ready in case there is a pandemic policy.
      • of the MCN. Send Andrea your information if you plan on participating.
      • Cabane a sucre: places that members recommend

12:00 -1:00 Lunch

1:00-3:00 Peer support – Educational program

January 15th, 2020

9:00-12:00 Monthly Meeting

January workshop with lawyer
Aeron discussed various HR related issues and answered members’ questions.

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